Harmony was founded* in 2001 as a charitable institution to support personal development through Anthroposophically inspired arts, therapies and education with a focus on community and social interaction.

The work of the foundation has a home base in Harmony Village, a small community in an old established orchard sanctuary in the Southern Highlands of NSW. At the heart of the village resides the Harmony Centre, a meeting place dedicated to the visual, social and performing arts, where the activities of the foundation are cultivated.

Harmony aims to provide community experience and activities for persons who are in crisis and to co-operate with other social organisations and community support agencies in providing assistance and support.

* Harmony – The Dombroski Foundation was founded by George Dombroski (1916- †2007), thanks to his unending generosity, and Francis Mougel, who cultivated the vision of the Foundation.

The community at Harmony are developing a rich cultural life through facilitating seasonal festivals which are integral to achieving community development by allowing individuals to experience the tone of each season in relation to inner life processes. These festivals also reach out to global climate awareness through cultivating an individual and sacred relationship with the Earth and the elements, providing a shared experience where warmth is imbued in the social processes, reaching broadly into the community meeting families, youth and adults.

An open range of Anthroposophically inspired art forms, spiritual studies and celebrations are regularly taking place.

We aim to cultivate and facilitate various forms of artistic development by providing materials, venues, workshops, retreats and seminars in the fields of sculpture, music, painting and colour therapy, art of movement, speech, drama, puppetry as well as festival celebrations and performances.